With over 20 years of experience in industrial and commercial projects, we have solutions for all of your project requirements. Here are some highlights of recent projects:

Quikrete Sacramento Facility
Complete facility construction and installation including:
Bulk material drive over receiving system
Material storage and metering system
Drying and conveying system
120' elevator distribution system
Complete spouting & auger system
Complete blending system
Pneumatic truck and rail car cement receiving system
Complete bag fill system
Bag house and ducting system

Central Concrete Lincoln Facility
Plant expansion to increase production capabilities including:
Bulk material drive over receiving system
Lengthening and re-routing of main feed conveyor
Adding bin extension to bulk material bunker
Installation of additional silo and metering system
Installation of truck wash and reclaim system

Central Concrete Pleasanton Facility
Restoration of 800 ton aggregate bunker including:
Fabrication and installation of new tank exterior
Demolition of existing interior partition walls
Fabrication and installation of new interior partition walls
Lining of tank hopper with 1/4" AR plate
Fabrication and installation of new access ladder and landing

Santa Fe Aggregates
Various plant modification and expansion projects including:
Fabrication and installation of crushing and screening stations
Fabrication and installation of mineral recovery systems
Relocation of belt line conveyor
Asphalt plant assembly and modifications

Caloy Co. Oil Processors
Facility construction, modifications, and repairs including:
Fabrication and installation of drive under truck loading tank
Installation of cookers, elevators, pneumatic conveying systems, steam piping, screw conveyors, screening tank, filter press, and other process equipment.
Design, fabrication, and installation of sludge re-run system
Design, fabrication, and installation of smoke exhaust system

National Guard Armories
Renovation of 8 different armories across California including:
Placement and connection of heating and air units
Fabrication and installation of complete ducting systems
Installation of kitchen range hoods and exhaust systems
Various miscellaneous sheet metal and steel components

Skate Parks
Fabrication of coping, grind rails, embeds, and all other steel components for over 10 different skate parks across California.

U.S Forestry Department
Erection of steel pre-fabricated canopy to cover new fueling station at the Grant Grove Ranger Station.

Tracy Pavilion Shopping Center
Fabrication and erection of all structural steel components. As well as placement of steel pan deck roof.

NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center
Fabrication and installation of frame work and sheet metal to re-build hanger doors, and make additional security upgrades as required by NASA.